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Centralized Staffing with UKG Video

More effectively and efficiently schedule your healthcare labor resources.

Centralized Healthcare Scheduling and Staffing

Decentralized scheduling limits labor resource visibility across a healthcare organization. In this UKG video, learn how centralized staffing and scheduling help organizations more efficiently and cost-effectively manage their labor resources to meet patient care needs.

Technology advancements during the pandemic have illuminated the importance of using an integrated solution that provides scheduling visibility across the organization. And real-time workforce data and metrics are critical to appropriately allocating staff resources organizationwide while also tracking labor spend to budget.

Discover how centralized staffing and scheduling solutions are supporting healthcare organizations in making timely, informed staffing decisions:

  • Increased coverage visibility enables allocation of staff to the areas of greatest need
  • Scheduling to employee preferences and allowing self-scheduling increase employee engagement while ensuring proper shift coverage and staff skill and certification mix
  • Staffing matrices give managers the visibility and flexibility to adjust staffing throughout the day to meet fluctuating care needs
  • Automated call lists and SMS text messages to qualified, available staff help fill open shifts quickly and rebalance staffing to workload

View this video to learn more about how a centralized staffing and scheduling solution can help your healthcare organization meet care demand across the organization to achieve positive patient outcomes.