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Industry Brief

Optimizing Talent with an Internal Staffing Agency

Discover how HCM and WFM technologies empower healthcare organizations to build and manage an internal staffing agency to address critical staffing challenges.

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UKG for Healthcare Solutions Can Empower an Internal Staffing Agency

Internal staffing agencies are emerging as a new option to address labor shortages, employee burnout, and other staffing challenges in healthcare. UKG for Healthcare solutions offer key capabilities to support this alternative approach to staffing.


    Self-scheduling empowers employees while enterprise-wide visibility and intuitive reporting support informed staffing decisions.


    Complete HR features, from applicant and certification tracking to coaching, learning, and surveys, keep employees engaged.


    Smart tax search and real-time audit analytics help ensure accurate paychecks for your internal staffing agency employees.

Internal staffing agencies typically provide career growth opportunities, potential long-term placement, premium pay, benefits, and travel experiences for workers while reducing turnover and reliance on more costly external contract labor.

This industry brief describes how UKG for Healthcare solutions provide critical tools needed to build and manage an internal staffing agency at your healthcare organization.