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Centralized Healthcare Scheduling and Staffing

Healthcare organizations need robust scheduling solutions to best manage their staffing resources. The UKG Clinician Council provides UKG™ customer insight on the key topics and questions to consider when developing the ideal staffing and scheduling model.

The UKG Clinician Council identifies important healthcare industry trends and offers UKG healthcare customers evidence-based practices and innovative solutions to workforce processes.

Discover the staffing and scheduling topics and questions that are top of mind with healthcare industry professionals, including:

  • What is your staffing vision and is fully centralized scheduling included in your goals?
  • What roles will leadership teams, technology, HR, and finance play in developing a centralized approach to staffing?
  • What are vital technology functions needed and will you leverage technology for labor forecasting, workload measurement, and demand for care?
  • What key data needs to be shared across your organization to support workforce optimization and informed decision making?

Download this informative piece to learn about other questions that healthcare organization administrators are seeking the answers to in order to most effectively schedule their staff.