Rise up and become your best self at the spring HR & Payroll eSymposium

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You've probably seen a theme in our past few articles centered around helping you as an HR or payroll professional to get what you need to be at your best each day when you come to work. See, it turns out that focusing on yourself is hard. Especially during the past couple years, you've probably found yourself taking a backseat to the needs of your people and your organization. And that's admirable, but you can't help others if you don't first help yourself.

I've got good news, though. You've got a great opportunity on the horizon to take a step back, breathe, reflect on your needs, and refocus on your success. I'm sure you're all thinking "sounds great, are you going to take everything I've got going on off my plate magically so I can do that?" Believe me, I wish I could, but instead I want to ask you to take just one day to yourself to learn, grow, and define your needs at the spring HR & Payroll eSymposium. Here's what you have to look forward to:


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Practical tips for owning your vision

A big part of getting what you need to be at your best in your role is being able to take all the great ideas you have and communicate them clearly. That's why one of the tracks this time around at the eSymposium is all about the steps required to own your vision for HR and payroll. These sessions are all about empowering you to set goals for your own development, know how to talk to executives to get support for your plans, and turn those plans to reality through strong management practices.

Clear priorities for safety and wellbeing

To be a force for positive change at your organization, you've got to be in a good spot with your physical, mental, and financial wellbeing. Giving yourself permission to practice self-care across all these critical areas not only helps you be better at your job, but also sets a strong wellbeing example for your employees. The safety and wellbeing track at the eSymposium will give you a jump start on your personal wellness, providing actionable tips on taking care of yourself, methods to establish micro-habits that foster wellbeing, and tips on rebuilding a better workday through your routines and environment as you and your teams return to physical offices more frequently.

Methods for staying sharp on compliance

We all dread it, but keeping up with regulatory compliance is indispensable in the HR and payroll space. The good news here is that there are ways you can get proactive about it and develop your skills so that the decisions you make here become an advantage instead of a burden. We'll talk through how you can study up on the ways compliance changes when you have more remote workers, the four ways you can start practicing compliance agility to get ahead of regulations, and payroll processing approaches that help you think like a business owner and transform your career as part of our Stay Sharp on Compliance track.

Keys to practicing ethical leadership

Developing yourself into a leader isn't enough in the modern workplace — you've got to ensure that the leadership choices you're making are reinforcing strong ethical standards the build trust and belonging. Some of you have probably even seen ethical leadership making its way into some of your HR certification requirements. Our final core eSymposium track will deal with the best practices you need to grow into an ethical leader, covering how to evolve your leadership skills and effectiveness to exceed the new expectations your people have, tapping into what your employees want to maximize your day to day impact, and the ways you can extend ethical leadership principles beyond the walls of your organization to improve your own experience and that of your employees.

Conclusion: The time is right to take some time for you

I hope these quick summaries have gotten you excited about making yourself a priority this time around at the eSymposium. Beyond the tracks I've already mentioned, you'll also kick off the day with a keynote from Michael Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work, and wrap up with a bonus session on ally words vs. ally actions from LZ Granderson. And of course, you'll be getting credits toward your SHRM, APA, HRCI, HRPA, CPHR-SK, and National Payroll Institute certifications in the process. Who said taking time for you doesn't help meet professional goals?

I hope you'll join us. And even if you can't show up the day of the event, no worries — this day to yourself can happen anytime you need it to since many of our sessions will be available on-demand for 90 days after the eSymposium itself. See you there!

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