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Be the Next Employer of Choice in the Food Service Industry

UKG human insights expert Erika Sandoval dishes out strategies restaurant operators can use to create happy, engaged frontline workers and loyal customers.

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Strategies for empowering your frontline workers

As a restaurant operator, you have a vision for delighting your customers with exceptional and personalized dining experiences. But even the most innovative vision can’t become a reality without committed and engaged frontline workers.

A strong workforce planning and optimization strategy that meets compliance standards is key to creating an environment where your most important asset — your people — will thrive.

In this webinar replay, Erika Sandoval, Global Sr. Partner with UKG’s HCM Strategic Advisory Group, dishes out HR and operational strategies for empowering your frontline workers and increasing workplace satisfaction. You'll also learn the latest information on compliance, Fair Workweek laws, data privacy and AI issues from Robert Wennagel, Sr. Compliance Advisor at UKG.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Implement strong onboarding experiences and year-round learning and development opportunities
  • Elevate the manager and employee experience with automation of tasks, scheduling flexibility, and self-service tools
  • Use technology to build a culture of belonging in addition to labor optimization

Watch this webinar to learn how to keep your restaurant workers happy and your customers coming back.