Erika Sandoval

MA, MSc, Multilingual

Global Sr. Partner, HCM Advisory

Erika Sandoval is a Global Sr. Partner with the HCM Strategic Advisory Group at UKG and has spent 15 years in the areas of people and organizational practice, specifically in DEI, L&D, HR, organizational and professional development, and facilitation and consulting. Having lived and worked across the world, Erika has experience in leading and guiding strategic and cross-cultural initiatives that impact organizations in a global environment. Erika is multilingual and holds various DEI and training certificates. She received an MSc in Human Rights Law from the University of Birmingham in the UK.

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Speaker Reviews for Erika

"Amazing presentation! We appreciate your guidance and insights as we incorporate DEI strategies at Toshiba, the information and experiences you shared today were very helpful."


"By far the best session I attended the whole day. Erika didn't make it feel like an end of the day session."


"Definitely one of the best sessions. It was practical, engaging and insightful! Thank you Erika for really providing a practical approach to how we can implement DEI strategies for our workforce."

National SHRM
Speaking Topics
Global Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEI&B)
Employee Experience
Empowering Front-Line Employees and Managers
L&D & Organizational Development
Strategic Human Resources
Intercultural Workplace Strategy
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