State and Local Government

State & Local Government

Engage your employees to better serve their communities and constituents

Fatigue in the Public Sector Workforce: Risks and Solutions
Fatigue is growing in the public sector, resulting in a range of negative impacts. Learn more about the causes and solutions in this insightful white paper.
Serving citizens, controlling costs, and ensuring compliance are all best achieved by happy, motivated employees. See how we can help turn your people into your most effective champions.

Why UKG for State & Local Government?

We offer powerful solutions focused on optimizing your most important asset: your people. Because happy and engaged employees deliver excellent service — resulting in happy and engaged citizens.

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    Drive a Better Employee Experience

    Streamline hiring and retain and engage top talent with solutions that support both their work and well-being — and inspire them to bring that same focus to citizen interactions.

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    Reduce Compliance Risk

    Eliminate manager and employee guesswork by ensuring they’re supported by fair and equitable enforcement of labor laws, policies, and collective bargaining agreements.

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    Boost Operational Efficiencies

    Gain control of labor costs and make better organizational decisions through real-time visibility into your human capital and workforce data. Spot trends and get ahead of potential issues before they become real problems.

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Hear why Oklahoma City partners with UKG

Learn how the City of Oklahoma City’s complex workforce needs led the city to migrate to the intelligent UKG workforce management solution.

San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority

“These are tight regulatory requirements … and UKG Ready helps us manage this better.”

San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority uses UKG Ready mobile app to capture remote employee time and alert managers when crossing guards don’t show for work.

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Maryland National Capital Park & Planning Commission

“…it was less expensive to migrate [to the UKG cloud] and it freed up IT staff….”

The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission reduced operational costs 26% over five years by migrating to UKG in the cloud, saw disaster benefit.

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Wyoming Department of Health

“With our UKG solution … we got back 12,000 hours annually.”

The Wyoming Department of Health saves 12,000 hours annually in shift differential calculations and cuts payroll time from two weeks to 90 minutes with UKG.

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