Customer Story

Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission Enjoys Benefits of UKG Cloud Services

  • Provides cloud services to give the commission immediate access to the latest workforce management solution upgrades and tools

  • Delivers anytime, anywhere access to the solution, even during a disaster that might disrupt systems

  • Created 26% savings in operational costs over five years by eliminating the need for a larger data center, new servers, and more IT staff

Maryland National Capital Park & Planning Commission

The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission (M-NCPPC) oversees the development and protection of natural resources in two counties that border the District of Columbia.


M-NCPPC was using an automated workforce management solution that would no longer be supported and it lacked the latest tools that could leverage operational efficiencies and savings. M-NCPPC’s data center also had older servers that had reached the end of their lifecycle and required replacing. M-NCPPC debated whether to reduce server numbers in its data center, build another data center, or move workforce management to the cloud.


M-NCPPC selected a UKG® workforce management solution in the cloud to manage its 6,000 employees, including salaried exempt and non-exempt career staff, members of two collective bargaining units, and term contract and seasonal employees. Using the solution, M-NCPPC has seen reduced operational costs and increased productivity.

“When we compared the cost of migrating to the UKG cloud, it was less expensive to migrate, and it freed up IT staff to work on other initiatives.”

Tracey Harris

IT Systems Manager


After migrating to UKG in the cloud rather than hosting the solution on site, M-NCPPC has seen a 26% savings in operational costs over five years. Cloud-based services give M-NCPPC fast access to the latest solution upgrades and workforce management tools for improved productivity and labor cost savings.

UKG in the cloud also delivers a high level of support and solution expertise not typically available in house.

M-NCPPC saw the added value of cloud services when Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, knocking out power for days. UKG cloud services were out for only an hour, while M-NCPPC’s on-site systems were down far longer.

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