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INNOVIM Supports Talent Initiatives, Overall Business with UKG’s Comprehensive HCM Solution

  • Centralizes HR, payroll, and talent information into one single-source solution

  • Accelerates HCM processes that enable quick response to customers’ needs

  • Aligns performance management with overall business strategies

UKG Pro Supports INNOVIM’s Talent

INNOVIM specializes in science systems engineering, using high technology to create innovative big data and mobile computing solutions. Its scientists are focused on earth observation and climate data manipulation, influencing instrument design, ironing out analytical processing and collection parameters, and determining how to make the data available to scientists in a way that makes it most useful for modeling and research endeavors. The company primarily supplies customized applications to NASA and NOAA.


Previously, INNOVIM had been using a payroll service bureau, but experienced a range of limitations with this provider during INNOVIM's rapid expansion — having quadrupled its number of employees in recent years.

Company leadership identified that the organization needed a single-source solution for its human capital management (HCM) that would enhance the employee and manager experience; accelerate processes for HR, payroll, benefits, and time management; and support strategic goals related to talent acquisition and performance management. After an extensive evaluation of HCM vendors, INNOVIM went live on the cloud-based UKG Pro® solution.


"Having all of our HCM in one solution with UKG Pro is a huge win for our business," said Michael Kramer, Vice President of Talent Management at INNOVIM. "We have consolidated our people-related information. Our employees and managers are quickly finding relevant information on payroll, benefits, or time, and our HR/payroll team is enjoying more control and flexibility, especially when having to manage the volume that comes with growth.

"The greatest strategic benefit with Pro for us is speed," he explained. "We're a government contractor, and we now can respond to our customers' needs as quickly as they want us to. For example, we could be awarded a contract on a Friday afternoon, and we are expected to have employees hired, onboarded, and ready on Monday.

"Amazingly, Pro enables us to make this happen," he added. "Our customers are frequently thrilled at how fast we can fulfill their requirements and, as a result, we have a competitive advantage over other businesses like ours."

"The greatest strategic benefit with UKG Pro for us is speed. We're a government contractor, and we now can respond to our customers' needs as quickly as they want us to. As a result, we have a competitive advantage over other businesses like ours."

Michael Kramer

Vice President of Talent Management


Keeping high-quality talent also gives companies a competitive edge, according to Kramer. With Pro's solutions for talent management, INNOVIM is developing its people and fostering higher levels of collaboration among employees and managers.

Pro supports continuous performance management, helping companies like INNOVIM track employee competencies, align performance objectives with overall business strategies, and recognize and reward its top performers.

"We have moved from a process of annual reviews to an interactive, ongoing experience between managers and employees. Employees are actively engaged in their own development because they can set up their own goals, provide frequent updates on their progress, highlight their accomplishments, and get guidance and comments from both managers and peers," said Kramer.

"One of the biggest benefits with Pro is that it raises the accountability of our managers," he noted. "It is a way to support relationships and collaboration and show our teams that managers care about their people."

In addition to connecting employee performance with overall business strategy, Kramer also has seen value in relying on the UKG® responsive team of support services. UKG views its customers as partners and considers exceptional customer service and two-way communication as essential elements for business success.

"The partnership with UKG has been a very positive experience. We have so much volume and activity that supports our business, our employees, and our customers — and frequently it all needs to be completed at the same time. This is where UKG support services have been an immense help to our business," said Kramer.

"Our business is constantly evolving, and having a consistent relationship with our personal support rep and other members of UKG's customer success teams means we have expert guidance from people we trust," he said. "With their help, we are developing effective strategies, maximizing the use of our HCM technology, and performing at much higher levels."

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