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Drive confidence through compliance agility

Proactively ensure compliance and navigate a changing regulatory landscape — all while putting people at the center of a world-class security platform.

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All that’s included

Be proactive about your compliance needs with the right tools and trusted support and expertise to run your people operations with confidence.

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Robust Compliance Platform

Access legislative updates, intuitive tools, and reporting to stay compliant across payroll, EEOC, recruitment practices, and more.

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Convenient Dashboard View

Manage data erasure and portability requests to comply with GDPR and CCPA ethical data privacy practices — all from a centralized dashboard.

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Automated Tax Lookup

Leverage intelligent geo-location and jurisdiction look-up to automatically recommend appropriate U.S. or Canada employee tax rate.

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Trusted Filing Support

Simplify tax filing and complex pay-related processes such as Wage Attachments disbursements, W-2 filings, and more.

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Meet Labor Requirements

Support your people by creating predictable and fair schedules, enforcing required breaks, correcting missed punches, and completing necessary audits.

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Best-Practice Data Management

Stay up to date with global employee data protection rules with insights into changing policies and best practices in over 40 countries.

Jack in the Box

"[UKG Pro's] support of our specific requirements gives me the confidence that we are paying our employees accurately, and I'm not required to undertake a daily audit. No other HCM solution we looked at had this kind of functionality."

Nicole Brogdon
Jack-in-the-Box | HRIS Manager
Powerful HCM for every life-work journey

From robust payroll and talent to HR service delivery, and everything in between, UKG Pro® is the powerful HCM suite you need to drive truly people-focused results.

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UKG Pro Compliance
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UKG Pro Compliance

Gain easy access to the information and tools needed to maintain legislative compliance

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