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Deliver accurate, on-time pay for your people

Help your people feel financially secure with a powerful payroll engine designed to eliminate manual errors and paperwork.

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All that’s included

It’s more than just a paycheck. Gain the confidence, flexibility, and control to run payroll in a way that meets the needs of your people and your organization.

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Robust Payroll Processing

Process hundreds of complex payroll computations with no need for manual calculations — including overtime, shift premiums, and more.

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Deeper Pay Insights

Access payroll history, relevant employee data, and important insights impacting people’s livelihood — anywhere, anytime via the convenient mobile app.

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Empowered Compliance

Leverage intelligent tools for tax jurisdiction lookup, and automatically recommend accurate employee taxations to reduce compliance complexities and manual errors.

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Real-Time Analytics

Utilize detailed pay and tax reporting while running payroll, and advanced analytics and dashboards for visibility into pay equity practices, and more.

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Financial Wellbeing

Help employees feel financially secure with advance access to wages, take-home pay scenario calculations, and charitable giving options embedded into the pay cycle.

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Expert Tax Filing Support

Simplify tax filing and complex pay-related processes such as wage attachment disbursements, W-2 filings, and more with accurate and timely tax services.

Powerful HCM for every life-work journey

From robust payroll and talent to HR service delivery, and everything in between, UKG Pro® is the powerful HCM suite you need to drive truly people-focused results.

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Learn how our HR and payroll solutions help you achieve a better work experience for your people.

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