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Hankey Group Uses UKG Pro to Drive Business Value, Improve Employee Experience

  • Streamlines the payroll process, even during a doubling of operating companies and expanded payroll frequencies

  • Empowers employees to find answers to HR-related questions through an on-demand, personalized knowledge base

  • Supports employee feedback through a range of surveys: new hire, exit, manager, pulse, benefits, and wellbeing

Hankey Group Uses UKG Pro to Drive Business Value

The Hankey Group is a business with operating companies that specialize in automotive and related industries, including finance, technology, real estate, and insurance.


The Hankey Group struggled with multiple human capital management (HCM) solutions that didn't interact or communicate with one another. As a result, many HR processes were completely manual and required repetitive data entry to ensure that each system contained a full picture of the company's HR information. Reporting was extremely time consuming and audits required by the company's licensing agreements created compliance challenges.


After Hankey Group launched the comprehensive UKG Pro® solution, HR was able to generate substantial time savings.

"Before Pro, our team spent three full days processing our payroll," said Tonia Douglas, VP of HR at Hankey Group. "Since going live with Pro, Hankey Group has nearly doubled the number of operating companies, and we expanded to three payroll frequencies: biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly. Despite this complexity, which includes a large number of off-cycle payments due to turnover, we are working quickly and efficiently with a payroll team of just three. We have the tools in place to process pay quickly and accurately."

“Employee Voice is very user friendly, and through the survey experience and HR's communication strategy, our employees quickly recognized its value.”

Tonia Douglas

VP of HR


In addition to time savings from payroll, Douglas reported that HR has uncovered efficiencies with the case management solution UKG Pro People Assist™. The solution empowers employees to find answers to their HR-related questions through an on-demand, user-friendly, personalized knowledge base, or they can initiate more complex requests to HR and have the request automatically routed to the right person for resolution.

Hankey Group employees find the solution easy to use and take advantage of automated responses and self-service. As a result, HR has been able to automate manual tasks, and employees receive prompt and relevant answers to their HR inquiries.

With a focus on employee experience, Hankey Group has also deployed UKG Employee Voice™ with great success.

"When we launched Employee Voice, we had to overcome concerns about surveys, anonymity, and trust," said Douglas. "Employee Voice is very user friendly, and through the survey experience and HR's communication strategy, our employees quickly recognized its value. We now use Employee Voice for new hires to rate their onboarding experience and for exit surveys, manager surveys, pulse surveys, benefits surveys, and general wellbeing surveys related to COVID-19."

Moreover, Hankey Group has implemented changes to policies and processes as a result of survey feedback.

"UKG gives us a variety of technology that benefits our people," said Douglas. "UKG's survey tool keeps our management team aware of how employees feel and illuminates their concerns at work and beyond the office. Because of Employee Voice, we have updated our benefits plans, adding another week of paid time off. Based on feedback from the manager surveys, we now offer as-needed training and developmental resources. In addition, our president now meets with various departments to go over retention and to brainstorm ways to implement employee feedback."

Douglas noted that improvements to HR administration and the employee experience would not have been possible without the partnership and support from UKG.

"Our business is constantly changing and growing, and the infrastructure of a best-of-breed enterprise HCM solution means nothing without accompanying robust customer support," said Douglas.

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