Drive compliance and engagement while enhancing customer service

UKG for Insurance Industry Brief
UKG for Insurance Industry Brief
Drive workforce efficiency, compliance, and engagement while enhancing customer service.
Whether you’re looking to engage your people to increase productivity, minimize compliance risk, gain visibility into labor costs, or attract and retain talent, we’re here to help you achieve a competitive edge.

Why UKG for Insurance?

Discover why financial services organizations use our solutions daily to manage their workforce and engage employees with self-service tools — helping to deliver a superior customer experience.

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    Minimize compliance risk

    Get immediate and automatic implementation of labor laws, rules, and regulations.

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    Increase productivity and engagement

    Empower employees with self-service tools and an easy-to-use interface that saves them time and keeps them engaged in high-value work.

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    Control labor costs

    Gain real-time visibility into time and attendance to proactively manage labor costs.

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Find the right solution to unlock happier outcomes

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