Customer Story

First Horizon Bank Uses UKG Employee Voice to Gain Faster, Better Employee Insights

  • Enables employees to complete surveys easily and quickly

  • Provides a simple survey creation process for HR

  • Gives managers real-time insight into employee views, with easy access to survey results

First Horizon Perception Customer Story

First Horizon Bank, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, provides financial services at approximately 250 locations in the Southeast. The bank has been rated among the World’s Best/America’s Best Banks by Forbes Magazine and among the Best Banks to Work For by American Banker.


First Horizon has been a longtime UKG® customer, using UKG Pro™ to optimize HR operations and improve the employee experience. Prior to moving to UKG Employee Voice™, First Horizon ran its annual Climate Survey, a companywide pulse of employee satisfaction and alignment with company values and goals, through its third-party learning management system. The use of that system for the Climate Survey stretched the technology beyond its design.

As a result, while First Horizon began administration of its survey every August with its 5,000 employees, the process often carried into March, giving managers little time to make changes before the next survey was released. When each Climate Survey closed, HR spent days collecting and compiling survey results. Then, at substantial cost, the financial services company had to send the raw data to an outside consultant to create metrics and reports, which were visible only to HR. Consequently, the HR team had to create and send more than 500 emails, for each company manager, with relevant results.


First Horizon's HR leadership sought a new survey method that would provide statistically sound analysis, give HR control over how the data is sorted and presented, make dashboards accessible to managers across the organization, and provide results in real time. First Horizon selected UKG Employee Voice and completed its rollout in two weeks. "We launched our annual Climate Survey and the feedback has been tremendous. Our employees love it, and I love it," said Mario Brown, Chief Talent Development Officer at First Horizon. "Employees have taken note of UKG Employee Voice's ease of use, particularly how quick and simple it is to complete the survey."

"From an HR perspective, the survey creation process was a breeze," he added. "I took our regular Climate Survey questions and just dropped them into the system. Although we have different business units, UKG Employee Voice lets us present only the most relevant questions to employees in each division."

“We launched our annual Climate Survey in August, and the feedback has been tremendous. Our employees love it, and I love it.”

Mario Brown

Chief Talent Development Officer


Brown reports that he has been monitoring survey participation and results in real time, and has already begun creating reports for multiple stakeholders, including managers, HR and its business partners, and the CHRO.

"With UKG Employee Voice, I will be able to provide a summary screen for managers, so they can see upfront the traditional drivers of engagement for our company, and how their results for these key metrics compare with the organization overall," said Brown. "I am also excited to provide our managers with access to the text screen, which shows them open-ended survey responses. With our previous process, our managers would get directional and category information, but they would need to contact my team if they wanted more detail and deeper insights. Now, they can view the comments automatically pulled by UKG Employee Voice at the organizational level and the free-text responses for their particular business line. Clickable keywords also provide access to relevant comments, an especially useful tool if you know an issue has been a hotspot in your area."

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