The Top 5 of your UKG Pro Spring Release upgrade

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With your UKG Pro Spring Release upgrade right around the corner, we want to take a moment to highlight the top 5 features and enhancements you should look out for. Keep in mind, these are only 5 out of the many new features being delivered to your UKG Pro solution in the coming months. Here’s what you don’t want to miss:

Multi-Factor Authentication

Keeping our customers’ data secure is a top priority at UKG. As part of our commitment to providing secure solutions, we’re enhancing our login requirements to provide you with added layers of protection that will include the mandatory use of multifactor authentication (MFA) when accessing UKG solutions and a new password policy. The use of MFA combined with strong passwords are some of the most effective tools for enhancing login security and keeping your data secure.

Payroll Modeling Feature

Estimate a payroll with this upcoming feature that will provide you the ability to model a potential bonus, equity amount, and more for off-cycle payrolls. The feature will allow you to process a payroll and to save the data without having to undo payroll steps or impact your employees’ year-to-date values.

Name Pronunciation Feature

Are you afraid to mispronounce a colleague’s name? Don’t worry. The new Name Pronunciation feature coming to your UKG Pro solution and UKG Pro mobile app will provide users with the option to add a phonetic spelling of their name to the employee profile page and the employee directory.

Hybrid Employee Location Allocation

We’re all about helping you streamline important tasks and save time. That’s why the Location Allocation feature coming to your UKG Pro solution will provide you the flexibility to easily set up and to maintain your employee data with complex and evolving work scenarios. This new functionality will allow you to configure an allocation percentage for an employee’s non-primary locations. 

Copy Life Events

We said it once and we’ll say it again, we know how valuable your time is. Soon you’ll be able to copy your existing Life Event sessions instead of having to create new sessions every time. This new feature will vastly reduce the amount of time it takes to configure a Life Event session and will simplify the process for administrators.

To learn more about the UKG Pro features and enhancements coming with your Spring Release, visit the UKG Pro 2023 Spring Release page in the Learning Center and be sure to join one of our upcoming webinars!