Six Questions About Workforce Ready Education Answered

Education Answered

It’s essential to understand what education resources are available to you, especially if you are a new customer of the Kronos Workforce Ready® suite. We want you to be able to take advantage of everything Workforce Ready has to offer. Workforce Ready education services provide a variety of training options to help get you and your organization up to speed in order to meet your goals every step of the way. We anticipate that new Workforce Ready customers might have questions similar to the six below about their education opportunities. Take a look! 




1. What is My Learning, and are there associated fees?

My Learning is the learning management tool for Workforce Ready that guides your company administrators and power users through prescribed, personalized learning plans. It also houses various training resources, including online instructor-led classes, interactive learning modules, short videos, printable PDF job aids, and more. Additionally, My Learning contains great resources for your administrators as they enable your organization’s manager and end-users.  

My Learning is included in all direct customers’ standard subscription packages at no additional charge.

Check out a tour of My Learning here!

2. How does My Learning help me and my team get up to speed with Workforce Ready?

Within My Learning, there are learning plans that outline the recommended training paths. As part of each learning plan, My Learning also facilitates the registration and participation of available online, instructor-led classes for your company administrators and super/power users. These online or virtual training courses are live (not recorded) sessions with a trainer. A practice company is provided for each participant to complete hands-on exercises for practical experience in the application. 
Once your company administrators and power users complete their training, the deployment team will do a system walkthrough that will show how the system has been configured, allowing the company administrators and power users to connect the training to their system setup. Following the walkthrough, the company administrators and power users will be involved in testing and confirming that the system has been configured correctly and aligns to the expected business processes.
Additionally, we get you prepared for your deployment as soon as you make the decision to go with Workforce Ready as your solution. To start, we recommend attending our Preparing for Your Deployment on-demand class, which will help you know what to do to get ready for your deployment. We also offer a Change Management class and a toolkit with more than 20 communication documents, worksheets, and tools to assist in planning the Workforce Ready rollout.   

3. What is My Learning+, and why would I opt in to it?

My Learning+ provides all the training resources found in My Learning, plus additional learning options to take your knowledge and use of Workforce Ready to the next level. My Learning+ provides a prescriptive experience for your organization. When you subscribe to My Learning+, you gain access to:

  • A training environment in which to play with new features or teach staff to foster adoption
  • Advanced training courses to further your knowledge, with fresh content available monthly
  • Access to live, private one-on-one classes and Q&A sessions with an accredited Kronos® trainer
  • Set service hours designed to support your post-go-live needs
  • Passes to KronosWorks™, our annual customer conference, which offers 2 ½ days of learning opportunities
  • Seats to Kronos TechKnowledgy™, with two days of training the weekend before KronosWorks
  • Access to the Kronos Workforce Ready Accreditation Program 

Click here for a Product Overview of My Learning and My Learning+.

4. What if I need help bringing the rest of my organization up to speed?

Within My Learning, there are multiple resources your company administrators and power users can leverage to enable your organization. These include job aids, videos, and self-paced classes designed to help your managers and end-users get up to speed. Additionally, we offer an online, instructor-led class for your administrators that will provide a DIY training plan and a PowerPoint template to help prepare for your training rollout and launch.
If you would like help delivering a custom training program to your organization, Kronos has certified Workforce Ready training partners that specialize in delivering a “designed just for you” training program. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information.

5. Where can I access My Learning?

My Learning is available through your Workforce Ready login. Navigate to Your Teams>Help>My Learning, and your My Learning dashboard will appear. From there, your learning begins with recommended learning paths, resource catalogs, and more. 

6. What if I have other questions about Workforce Ready training ?

If you have any additional questions about Workforce Ready training or how Workforce Ready will meet your training needs, please reach out to [email protected] — we are here to help!

For additional information about Educational Services, check out the Workforce Ready Learn page in the Kronos Community! 

Jenn Williams

The content for this article was provided by Jenn Williams, director, Education Development. Starting her career as a middle school computer teacher, Jenn has a lifelong passion for bridging people and technology through learning.  She has spent the past 25 years as a training leader for high-tech SaaS organizations, including a local coding academy nonprofit startup. She holds a master’s degree in instructional design and has served Kronos customers, partners, and employees in the role of director of Workforce Ready Training for the past two years.