Returning to Work? HR Resources from Kronos to Help Workforce Ready Customers Along the Way


Wow, these past few months have been a roller coaster ride that I don’t think any of us ever expected. Nowhere in any HR job description does it say lead your organization through a global pandemic and communicate effectively to your employees as we deal with a constant state of change. I guess that falls into the “all other duties as assigned” part of the description. 

For many organizations, business has started to return to pre-pandemic levels, and HR professionals like you must figure out how to bring employees back to work in a safe manner. Wondering how exactly to do that or what your first steps should be? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered! Check out these two assets highlighted below. 


SprintMart webinar replay

SprintMart’s director of human resources, Chris McKinney, sits down with Jaimee Bruggeman of Kronos in this intimate webinar. Addressing the situation solely from an HR perspective, Chris talks about his role as the director of HR during the COVID-19 crisis. He explains how he navigated the waters of a global pandemic while employees continued to work. 

From this webinar, learn how Chris:

  • Retained his current employees and began to hire when needed 
  • Maintained a positive employee experience during COVID-19
  • Tweaked SprintMart’s onboarding practices to keep all employees safe and prepared 
  • Eased employee concerns 
  • Conveyed the meaning of work to employees during a time of uncertainty

Overall, Chris has learned a ton about being an HR professional during this trying time and about what changes need to be made as the world begins to grow accustomed to the new normal. His experiences and advice on returning to work are things you don’t want to miss. 

Five tips on returning to work

Customer Success Manager (and a previous Kronos customer) Brad Nycz put together this amazing asset that helps HR professionals returning to work. In order for HR professionals to lead through a new work experience, they first must understand what that new experience looks like for their specific organization.

Through these tips, HR professionals will:

  • Make sense of their human capital management data and how it relates to COVID-19 
  • Learn which departments are essential to partner and coordinate with 
  • Develop a communication plan that works for their organization 

These are definitely new times, and there is no definitive checklist to fall back on to help your organization through this. However, we hope these simple tips will help guide you through this uncertainty and add a little structure for you and your employees. Take this as an opportunity to make a positive impact.