The New Checklist Experience — UKG Ready’s Latest Feature to Put at The Top of Your Spring-Cleaning List

Ready Checklist Experience

Is it too early to say that spring has sprung? Regardless, the warmer weather will be on its way soon, and I have the perfect item to add to your spring-cleaning list — enabling the new look checklist in UKG Ready™. We originally announced that the checklist had been redesigned during our October 2021 release. Since then, we’ve been listening to your feedback and working on making the new look the right fit for your organization. Interested in seeing the changes, benefits, and next steps of using the new checklist? We’ve got you covered. 

The checklist has been redesigned in order to make it easier for your organization to leverage its functionality. Previously, end-users would have to navigate away from the checklist in order to complete most steps, making it difficult to easily find their way back to the Checklist screen. With this new design, end-users will be able to view and complete the checklist items while keeping the checklist tasks easily in sight. 


End-users have the ability to hide all completed checklist items when navigating the list, helping provide a quick view of what is left to complete. The new look also makes sure that employees no longer can mark an item as complete if they have not filled out the form, reducing time spent on discrepancy issues. Finally, we’ve introduced intuitive progression in the new look. This will lead end-users to the next checklist item after they’ve marked a task as complete. And don’t worry — we’ve simplified the mobile approach to checklists as well! 

So, all these changes and enhancements are great, but what are some next steps your organization can take to prepare for the deprecation of the classic checklist? 

Step 1. Get familiar with the available Checklist resources. 
Step 2. Try out the new Checklist for yourself, and roll it out to a small subset of users to gain feedback.
Step 3. Prep your training material. 

During the April release, the new experience will become the default view for all users. But don’t worry, there will still be an option for users to toggle back to the classic experience if they choose. Encourage employees to get familiar with the new look. That way, when June comes, you and your team will be fully prepared for the change.

It is essential that your organization doesn’t wait until June to look at the New Look Checklist. So, add enabling the new look to your spring-cleaning list! We’ve got plenty of resources to help you on your way. 

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