Kronos User Spotlight: Ana Davalos

Ana Davalos

The Kronos User Spotlight program recognizes the people who use Kronos regularly in their day-to-day jobs. Not only do the articles introduce you to real Kronos end-users, but they also help you learn about features, resources, and solution strategies you might not have known about before. 

Please meet Ana Davalos! Here’s what she had to share about her experience with the Workforce Dimensions™ suite from Kronos.

Meet Ana

Name:Ana Davalos
Company:Cambro Manufacturing Company
Role:Financial Profit & Analysis and Payroll Manager
Product:Workforce Dimensions
Experience with Kronos:At least 25 years
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Product features and functionality: What Ana is most excited about  

Dataviews — My favorite feature is Dataviews. Just like we previously used Genies in Workforce Central®, we rely on Dataviews in Workforce Dimensions to get a snapshot of our labor. As a manufacturer, it’s important for us to make sure we place our employees in the right areas to have the most productive day possible and increase efficiencies. Dataviews allows me to pull a report and see where employees were scheduled to work, if they worked in that function, or if we transferred them to another area. I’m most excited about how Dataviews allows us to create our own calculated fields using KPIs. This allows us to customize our view to what makes the most sense for our organization.

Attestation — My runner-up favorite feature is definitely Attestation. We are in California, and we cannot live without it. It’s a key resource for us to ensure we remain compliant with California meal and rest break rules. The solution will send an alert if employees are approaching four and half hours without punching out for a meal. That’s really important for us in California, because we can tell employees that it’s time for them to take their break and avoid the meal premium. 

Resources: What Ana can’t live without 

Kronos Huddle — I attended the Kronos Huddle in June and found it valuable. The information was relevant to the Workforce Dimensions application, reflected how it looks today, and clearly communicated what’s coming. What I saw about Workforce Dimensions at the Huddle makes me excited about the future of the product and what Kronos is continuing to bring to the table with the user experience. 

Data in Dimensions YouTube Channel — I love videos! They have more of a lasting impact than having to read something. I’ve visited the Data and Dimensions channel on YouTube and have enjoyed the information I’ve found there. There was also a session about data in Workforce Dimensions at the Kronos Huddle. 

Project Team — Our Kronos project team has really listened to all our needs. For example, they worked with us to come up with a great solution for overcoming language barriers and communicating reminders to employees about taking their breaks. We have a lot of people who don’t speak English, but they do understand numbers. When a big “4 minutes” flashes across their screen, they know what that means and that they have more time for their break. Under California meal and rest break requirements, employees are not only required to take their meal break before the fifth hour of their shift, but they also must take a full, uninterrupted 30 minutes. Sometimes employees forget to check the time when they clock out and try to clock in too early. The Attestation solution tracks how long it’s been since they began the break and will alert them if they must take more time. Thank you again to the project for helping us overcome this challenge!

New Search in Kronos Community — I’m so happy about the improved search capabilities in Kronos Community. It’s so much easier to find what I’m looking for now. I find that searches present topics that are more relevant and easier to sort through. I’m a fan. 

Tips and Tricks: Advice from Ana

Use Dell Boomi for Integrations — We are using Dell Boomi and getting better at it every day. We use it to extract punch data to transfer into our ERP system. For any manufacturer that’s keeping a close eye on their labor (or even in retail or healthcare), it could be helpful to use Dell Boomi to extract punch data in Kronos to use in their other solutions as well. 

Use Attestation — Attestation is so helpful for maintaining compliance, especially if you are in California. It’s included in the Workforce Dimensions timekeeping product, so it’s available for use if you decide to leverage its capabilities. As the product continues to evolve and we understand more about it, we hope to use it to further engage employees. We currently send out welcome messages to our staff each morning, but we’d love to take it one step further and send personalized messages to them. I was really excited to learn at the Kronos Huddle about all that’s coming soon in Attestation.

Fun Fact: More About Ana

I am currently getting Dell Boomi-certified to use the full application. I think there is great value in data science, and that’s why I pursued further education in the field. Being able to understand and process data is a valuable skill to have — no matter your career path. 


To follow up with Ana, please feel free to connect with her via private message in the UKG Community.