Keeping Your Workforce Connected with the UKG Dimensions Mobile App

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This month marks the beginning of the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the past two years, the way that people work has drastically changed. Over a quarter of the American workforce is expected to continue to work remotely, while the frontline workers have faced their own unique challenges. With the fight for talent at an all-time high, offering your employees the autonomy that a mobile app gives is a key advantage for any organization. Whether it’s offering the opportunity to check upcoming schedules from home, pick up extra shifts, or simply check their latest paystub, a mobile app is critical for modern employees. As the way people get work done continues to evolve, UKG Dimensions™ is committed to making sure your employees have what they need to get the job done, wherever they may be, with the Dimensions mobile app. 

WFD Mobile

The Dimensions mobile app is designed for all your employees, whether they are standing on the shop floor, assisting retail shoppers, or getting their work done at the local coffee shop. You can find more information to get your employees started here. And the best part? It’s already included in your UKG Dimensions solution! 

Your employees and managers will love having access to everything they need in order to keep work moving, right at their fingertips. They can:

  • Request time off 
  • Manage timecards 
  • Swap shifts 
  • Receive push notifications 
  • Check paystubs 
  • Punch in and out 
  • Use map punch feature to punch in from the right location
  • Access tax documentation 

While we know your employees will love the app, you don’t need to take just our word for it. Check out a recent review from a fellow customer

“Dimensions has given our employees the ability to own their data! Employees are able to access their time cards, schedules, and paystubs from anywhere using their mobile devices, and this frees up managers to be able to focus on management duties!”

Jeri H. 
Director, Benefits/Employment
Hospital and Healthcare 

Being able to complete tasks on the go is the last thing the ever-evolving workforce wants to worry about. Give your employees peace of mind and access where they need it by downloading our mobile app. 

Available on the App Store and Google Play

Ready to get started? Check out the UKG Dimensions Mobile Checklist and Job Aids and the Getting Started with the UKG Dimensions Mobile App Training Course, and access frequently asked questions, all located in the UKG® Kronos Community on the UKG Dimensions Mobile page