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Innovating for our market

We created UKG Labs to accelerate the growth of startups building with Life-work Technology — because when innovative, people-centric solutions win in the market, people win. At UKG Labs, we’re driven to bring Life-work Technology to every workplace, putting the focus where it should be — on people. To do this, we collaborate with teams that have a clear vision and passion for building products that serve the needs of people beyond the employee experience to focus on an individual’s life-work journey.

Serving our customers

Our Life-work Technology ecosystem doubles as a virtual laboratory where collaboration is a key ingredient to our success. We engage our customers with our curated startups to explore the new technologies we’re accelerating. Customers test products that are starting to take shape in the market and participate in experiments. The valuable feedback and perspective our customers provide helps us shape the next generation of HCM products alongside these startups.

Empowering our U Krewers

Our U Krewers (UKG employees) thrive on a challenge! And we’re proud to provide opportunities for them to feel challenged and inspired along their own life-work journeys. By collaborating with our UKG Labs startups, our employees hone their existing skills — and develop entirely new ones — while working in new domains. It’s an innovative way we encourage our people to experiment and take entrepreneur-like energy and perspective to their roles and teams along with new perspectives on relevant market challenges.

Collaborating with our founders

The foundation of the UKG Labs Life-work Technology ecosystem is our startup founders. Founders and their teams work with our team at Labs and extended specialty teams at UKG to tackle key challenges. Together, we engage with customers to conduct market discovery and gather feedback on the core value of products in development. Through Labs, founders also collaborate with thought leaders in the HCM and workforce management industries through workshops, one-on-one meetings, and other curated networking events — including our annual UKG user conference.

In short, our investment is our people

UKG is a differentiated strategic investor in select startups through Labs by deploying our most valuable resource — our people and their experience — to extend and advance the trajectory of each startup in our ecosystem.

Meet our ecosystem of startups

These six Labs startups are thought leaders in the market with people-centric solutions and expertise across upskilling, career navigation, contribution, work design, team optimization, DBE&I, and engagement. Each of these founders is building more dynamic teams and developing their talent by leveraging Life-work Technology. Interested in learning more about UKG Labs?
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Brian Deangelis | Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist

AdeptID | Boston | MA

Fernando Rodriguez-Villa | CEO

AdeptID | Boston | MA

Stephanie Reuss | Co-founder

Beamible | New South Wales | AU

Victoria Stuart | Co-CEO

Beamible | New South Wales | AU

Dan Terner | Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer


Dave Smallwood | Co-CEO

Roleshare | London | UK

Sophie Smallwood | Co-Founder

Roleshare | London | UK

Vivek Kumar | CEO & Co-Founder

Teamforce AI | San Francisco | CA

Irina Egorova | Co-Founder

Teamraderie | Los Altos | CA

Michael McCarroll | Co-Founder & CEO

Teamraderie | Los Altos | CA

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