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UKG Ready Time & Pay Product Tour

See how one solution delivers the power of time and pay

Take a tour to see how you can leverage the power of time and pay together — all in a single solution — for a simple, modern experience for you and your people.

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UKG Ready Product Tour

Simplify people processes, pay, compliance, and more.

We know your time and resources are limited and you need a fast, on-demand solution that enables you to streamline the day-to-day processes while also providing your people with the perfect paycheck every time.

UKG Ready® Time & Pay provides everything you need all in one place so you can spend time where you’re needed most — with your people. And with the right tools, you can create more efficiencies in your day-to-day while providing a meaningful, engaging work experience for your people.

Watch a quick tour to see how UKG Ready Time & Pay can help you:

  • Optimize limited resources
  • Streamline time tracking with consistent, fair rules
  • Deliver the perfect paycheck every time

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