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UKG 2021 Appointment Study

Technology continues to change the retail banking experience. Gain valuable insight into recent appointment trends at banks and credit unions — along with best-practice management tips — that you can use to improve branch sales and service in the UKG 2021 Appointment Study.

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UKG 2021 Appointment Study

The COVID-19 crisis accelerated digital transformation efforts across industries, including financial services, triggering changes in consumer behavior, and forcing banks and credit unions to adopt new ways of working. At the same time, the rise in digital banking has given consumers more options than ever before, which means that financial institutions need to deliver seamless, efficient, and convenient service to earn their loyalty. Consumers are demanding that banks and credit unions provide omni-channel solutions such as digital appointment setting, online banking and documents, mobile access, and on-premise solutions such as lobby queue management tools — all of which simplify engagements, maximize efficiency, and enable account holders and prospects to take more control of their experience.

Read the UKG 2021 Appointment Study to learn more about:

  • Changing consumer expectations and the evolving role of the branch
  • Overall appointment growth, when and why consumers are visiting branches, and completed appointments vs. cancellations and no-shows
  • Best-practice management tips for using appointment scheduling software to optimize the branch experience

Download this informative study and gain insight into the latest appointment trends and what they mean for your bank or credit union.