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UKG 2020 Retail Branch Lobby Study

This UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) Retail Branch Lobby Study is based on over 2 million Q3 2019 lobby sales and service interactions from financial institutions across North America. The interactions of the study include all types of service and sales exchanges between account holders and lobby employees.

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UKG 2020 Retail Branch Lobby Study

Would you be surprised to know that 60 percent of your platform activities do not involve selling products? With various systems capturing product information such as DDA systems, time/deposit systems, loan systems, and credit card systems — and in most cases no dedicated systems for tracking detailed lobby service metrics — management has struggled with understanding the actual overall performance in the branch lobby. Furthermore, it is very common for the absence of key lobby performance indicators to go completely unnoticed. Many financial institutions have enormous potential to increase sales and branch service by better capturing, measuring, and managing their lobby sales and service interactions.

This white paper reveals key industry metrics such as:

  • Average lobby wait times for account holders
  • Average account holder assist time with lobby service representative
  • Product vs. service interaction percentage breakdowns

With the data and analysis from this document, executive management teams will have a guide to help them drive the appropriate behaviors to improve branch performance and, most important, get ideas on how to measure and track this improvement.