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Responding to a COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate

How UKG solutions support your vaccine management strategy and better protect your people

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Responding to a COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate

COVID-19 heightened the critical role that employers play in protecting employees’ safety. New vaccination mandates and policies have the potential to further complicate the return to work in an already fraught business environment.

Organizations responsible for complying with COVID-19 vaccination mandates need to put processes in place to monitor and track employee vaccination status, exemptions, test results, and health attestations. The process should be transparent, ensuring that employees are fully informed and feel confident of their safety at work.

To ease the burden on HR of complying with COVID-19 mandates, policies, and legislation, organizations should tie HR Service Delivery into their workforce management solution. An integrated HR Service Delivery solution can help you manage the process from start to finish in one place, allowing you to protect the well-being of your people and keep your business operating efficiently and productively.