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Mastering People-Centric Reporting

Discover how Minnesota Diversified Industries (MDI) saves hundreds of hours with simplified reporting.

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UKG teamed up with Minnesota Diversified Industries (MDI) to explain how an HCM solution with real-time reporting enables the organization to solve business challenges proactively in our Mastering People-Centric Reporting white paper.

Reporting is not a task that should be taken lightly. It’s needed to obtain actionable insights and help make decisions that can effect real change. But that can’t be done if employees spend endless hours each week manually collecting and analyzing data. So, what do you do when you’re being forced to waste crucial time running reports, hoping the data is still accurate when they’re done?

Hear from CFO Marvin Hannon as he discusses the challenges MDI faced before implementing UKG’s human capital management solution and how it has transformed its business through reporting capabilities that put people first. You’ll also learn about how MDI uses UKG Pro™ People Analytics to complete reports quicker to help make improvements to the organization as needed and stay compliant with government contracts.