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Healthcare Playbook for the Gen Z Workforce

A Guide to the Motivations of Generation Z

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The healthcare industry is facing a talent crisis; financial challenges have stemmed from the shortage and burnout of workers. With 61 million members of Gen Z entering the workforce,1 healthcare providers must adapt to the preferences of this new generation in order to attract and retain a skilled and engaged future workforce.

What does it take for Gen Z to be fully engaged and productive in the workplace? For this generation, it isn’t just about wages; there are multiple incentives that healthcare providers can offer to appeal to Gen Z employees. Download this white paper to learn how you can focus policies and practices on the five motivations of Generation Z, in tandem with programs that meet the motivations of multi-generational employees. This will not only bring Gen Z through the door, but also ensure effective management of the changing demographics of the workforce, preserving knowledge and laying the groundwork for a successful future.