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A Guide to Fair Work Week Laws

Predictive scheduling legislation is a challenge for food service, retail, and hospitality. If enacted in your area, you may have only months to respond.

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38% of employees will leave because of canceled shifts

UKG lets you create and manage flexible schedules, meet Fair Work Week auditing and reporting requirements, manage compliance, and provide employees with fair, equitable schedules that help them balance life and work and keep them on the payroll.

of workers held on-call are more likely to leave
of workers will leave employers that provide less than a week’s notice of schedule

While Fair Work Week laws are a challenge for food service, retail, and hospitality, once you’ve put systems in place to manage the requirements, there are benefits. Being able to provide predictable, clearly defined schedules lowers turnover, increases engagement and satisfaction, and allows you to build a stable, loyal workforce.

Download the white paper to learn how you can prepare for predictive scheduling legislation.