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Earned Wage Access with UKG Solutions

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Earned Wage Access with UKG Solutions

Earned wage access gives employees the flexibility to enjoy greater financial wellness and security. 

When employees face an unexpected expense, predatory loans were often their only option. Earned wage access (EWA) now lets employees access part of their accrued wages before receiving their paychecks, providing peace of mind in meeting expenses. 

of individuals experience financial stress or worry at least once a year.
of individuals said they would use an EWA option if it were available.
of individuals would view a prospective employer more favorably if EWA were part of a job offer.

Read this white paper to discover: 

  • Why EWA is a valuable tool for employers in attracting and retaining employees 

  • Why many leading organizations are offering EWA to their employees 

  • How UKG Wallet™ lets employees easily access their pay using the mobile app 

  • How employers can offer UKG Wallet at no charge and with no interest rates for employees 

​​​​​​When employees are concerned about their finances, they can become disengaged and distracted at work, impacting their performance. EWA gives employees more control over their finances between paychecks and helps them get on a path to financial wellness.  

Download this white paper to learn how UKG Wallet can help your employees with their financial wellbeing while increasing their productivity, engagement, and retention.