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Building a Sustainable Public Sector Workforce

In this white paper, gain a better understanding of how modern technology solutions facilitate automation and help governments realize cost savings.

State and local governments currently employ more than 16 million people, making labor the single largest expense for all these entities. Managing the public sector workforce is a growing challenge for governments, and many of them are all over the map on how to handle it.

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Building a Sustainable Public Sector Workforce

The Governing Institute conducted qualitative interviews with key decision-makers in human resources and personnel management working in cities with populations ranging from 100,000 to 300,000. This research helps illustrate the day-to-day workforce management challenges governments face, the long-term impact of these challenges, and potential solutions. Some of the highlights of the research include:

  • Governments are using multiple and often inefficient approaches to manage the workforce
  • Scheduling is one of the most complex processes
  • Cities aren't taking advantage of labor data
  • Organizational culture is an obstacle to implementing new solutions
  • There is both desire and skepticism regarding comprehensive workforce management solutions

Download this highly informative white paper to learn more about how innovative management practices could help you handle the current challenges your workforce faces.