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Belonging: The Next Step

Explore belonging — the concept that's more critical to organizational success than ever.

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Belonging: The Next Step

UKG partnered with’s HR Research Institute to study employees’ views on belonging. Read our white paper — Belonging: The Next Step — to see the implications of respondents’ feedback and steps you can take to nurture belonging in your workplace.

Organizations worldwide are just beginning to realize the high stakes and widespread benefits of cultivating belonging — the feeling that employees can bring their true, authentic selves to work and have their voices heard without fear of judgment.

New research shows that forging a sense of belonging in the workplace is the next step for HR to pursue following diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, leading to higher productivity, boosted retention, and more transparent feedback from employees.

Download the white paper to learn more about:

  • Why we should explore belonging
  • Where we are today
  • Taking action to forge a culture of belonging