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4 Best Practices for Employee Resource Groups

Learn why employee resource groups are important to your people and your business and what your organization stands to gain from supporting them.

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4 Best Practices for Employee Resource Groups

Employee resource groups are a key ingredient for building belonging, a sense of community, and more

Employees want to feel safe, heard, and valued. Employee resource groups (ERGs) are the ideal spaces to support your people, who in turn help your business succeed. UKG explores effective ways to build successful ERGs.


True ERG success requires ongoing commitment and resources from the C-suite.


Having ERGs shows that you value the various identities that comprise your workforce, which elicits a positive impression of your brand.


Your people and your business face challenges, and ERGs can help alleviate some of them.

Your organization stands to gain a lot with a strong ERG program — increased engagement, productivity, retention, and so much more.

This white paper delves into how well-supported ERGs can empower your people and help you achieve organizational goals.