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The What, Why, and How of Pandemic-Related Labor Lawsuits

Ask the experts: return to work and employment lawsuits

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The What, Why, and How of Pandemic-Related Labor Lawsuits

The number one HR trend for 2021? Pandemic-related class action lawsuits.

As many employers bring people back to work, there’s been a surge in cases centering around issues like wrongful termination, discrimination, and retaliation.

That’s because the coronavirus has led to new employee rights as well as additional legal requirements for employers, creating more opportunities for companies to make a misstep and for workers to report unlawful behavior.

What’s more, the courts have reached varying conclusions on these cases, making this new aspect of compliance increasingly gray and complex.

How can you be sure you’re not violating an employee’s rights?

In this webinar replay, experts explore the intersection of labor law compliance and COVID-19. Dr. Chris Mullen, Ph.D., executive director of The Workforce Institute at UKG, Chris Olmsted, employment law attorney at Ogletree Deakins, and Mark Wales, former VP of labor and workforce management at Starbucks, cover:

  • Lessons learned from real and recent employment law cases
  • How to manage risk when employees become sick
  • Vaccine mandates and workplace safety
  • The implications of worker misclassification
  • Company policy evolution and adjustments based on state guidelines

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