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Wake up healthcare: Pursuing greatness – a candid conversation with Mayo Clinic

In this webinar, Wolters Kluwer's Anne Dabrow Woods and UKG's Nanne Finis join for an engaging — and candid — one-hour conversation with industry leader JoEllen Frain, Human Resources Chair at Mayo Clinic.

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The discussion centers on the reality that healthcare organizations address many challenges today; they must simultaneously elevate culture and innovative workforce solutions that make their organizations a great place to work. As an organization that demonstrates and lives the Great Place to Work® values, Mayo Clinic focuses its efforts on continually improving and sustaining operations so that it can consistently evolve and adapt and be positioned for a successful future.

At the conclusion of the session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the current workforce-related challenges and opportunities in the healthcare industry and at Mayo Clinic
  • Understand the ways Mayo Clinic uses best practices in creating an outstanding employee experience
  • Identify organizational practices by Mayo Clinic that are used to sustain performance improvement
Featured Speakers

Nanne Finis

Chief Nurse Executive

Anne Dabrow Woods

Anne Dabrow Woods

Chief Nurse, Wolters Kluwer

JoEllen Frain

Human Resources Chair, Mayo Clinic