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Unleashing The Power of Workforce Data to Gain Valuable Insights

Healthcare organizations face challenges in best utilizing their workforce. A unified human capital management solution supports workforce optimization, as this Unleashing the Power of Workforce Data to Gain Valuable Insights webinar illustrates in a real-world example.

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Unleashing The Power of Workforce Data to Gain Valuable Insights

In this UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) presentation with the Healthcare Financial Management Association, discover how healthcare organizations can overcome the challenges presented by manual processes, disparate systems, and lack of real-time data when they implement a unified people system to manage their workforce.

As shown in a real-world example, a mobile-ready solution that has embedded real-time analytics and that utilizes AI and machine learning capabilities can give healthcare organizations valuable insight, including:

  • Overtime analytics by department and employee
  • Unplanned absence analysis, showing actual hours and the labor spend
  • Data on unused scheduling capacity and its impact on overtime
  • Correlations between tenure and the turnover rate
  • Compliance issues related to timecard edits, shift lengths, and consecutive days worked

Watch this informative webinar to learn how a unified people system can deliver potential savings by controlling overtime, reducing unplanned absences, supporting schedule adherence, reducing turnover, and minimizing compliance risk.