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Reviewing 2021 Compliance Updates: When the Only Constant is Change

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Reviewing 2021 Compliance Updates

Eighteen months into the pandemic and neither COVID nor the number of employment regulations seems to be abating.

In the pandemic’s second year, employers are faced with inquiring into and documenting employees’ vaccination status. Data privacy is an ever-present concern, due to both vaccine status documentation and the steady stream of data privacy and protection laws across the globe. In addition, California’s courts have released rulings on critical wage and hour issues, and states are implementing new requirements to promote pay equity and transparency. 

In this webinar replay, we discuss COVID-19 compliance challenges, explore recent legislation and case developments, and attempt to understand the drivers behind recent employment law trends. We also focus on compliance issues under state and federal law in the United States and explore data privacy issues globally.  

Learning objectives:

  • Understand recent guidance on employers’ obligations to require and document employees’ COVID-19 vaccinations 
  • Explore global data privacy trends and their impact on employers 
  • Review California’s recent judicial decisions impacting wage and hour practices 
  • Identify how states are handling pay equity and transparency 

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About the Speakers

Colleen Rynne | Director of Compliance – Product | UKG 

Colleen Rynne is Director of the Compliance Advisory Team at UKG. She transitioned from practicing law to advising the UKG products and development teams eight years ago.  

Robert Wennagel | Senior Compliance Advisor | UKG 

Robert is a California-based attorney. He has spent his career advising employers on best practices regarding wage and hour laws, anti-discrimination, and employee privacy.