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Predict, Adapt, and Be Resilient: Introducing UKG Strategic Workforce Planning

Learn how UKG Strategic Workforce Planning can help you better anticipate and plan for your future business and staffing needs.

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Stop reacting to change. Be ready for it.

With a competitive labor market and an unpredictable economy, it’s never been more important for businesses in the retail, food service, and hospitality industries to empower their people.

To not only survive — but thrive — you need a way to predict, analyze, and address the gaps between your frontline workforce today and your human capital needs of tomorrow.

Watch this webinar replay to learn how our newest offering, UKG Strategic Workforce Planning, gives you a longer-term view into your future staffing and business needs so you can take a more strategic approach to your people strategy.

You’ll see how UKG Strategic Workforce Planning lets you:

  • Get an accurate calculation of your long-term workload and team capacity over weeks, months, and even years
  • Gain insights and track progress in real time through robust labor analytics and reporting
  • Anticipate and plan for future needs through intelligent “what if” scenario planning
  • Identify optimal staffing levels, skills mix, and hiring opportunities

Watch this informative webinar and see why it’s never been easier to nurture and grow your most important asset — your people.

Previously recorded webinar. Please note that UKG Dimensions® has been renamed UKG Pro Workforce Management™.