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Navigating Transformation: A Fireside Chat with ABM Industries

Here’s why agile workforce operating models are so important to success.

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Navigating Transformation: A Fireside Chat with ABM Industries

In this webinar, Ed Ross, Vice President of Workforce Management at ABM Industries, and industry expert panelists from UKG and Accenture conduct an informative discussion surrounding the latest methodologies that are enabling organizations to keep pace with today’s shifting customer and employee demands and business models. They also explore how organizations can simultaneously build the framework for a more agile, data-driven culture while remaining focused on digital transformation.

In addition, these WFM experts discuss the importance of technology for creating a more connected labor strategy that nurtures flexibility and efficiency to optimize day-to-day operations, as well as provide insight on how ABM Industries is navigating their own workforce transformation journey.  

Watch to learn about:

  • Trends and technologies that are enabling organizations to reimagine workforce operating models to drive agility
  • Solutions that drive more adaptive forecasting and scheduling to meet shifting customer and employee needs
  • Proactive steps leaders can take to make data more impactful across the organization