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Maximizing the Value of UKG Solutions for Manufacturers

See how to leverage your UKG solution to bring added value to your manufacturing operation.

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UKG Pro Workforce Management Dine & Design Series

UKG® solutions, including time, attendance, and scheduling, can help you drive better manufacturing business outcomes by increasing efficiency, engaging employees, and minimizing compliance risk. Just imagine the enhanced benefits you’ll realize when you implement additional features.

Register for any one of the webinars below — or all three — to learn how to extend the value of your UKG solution.

Workforce Advanced Scheduling
See how UKG Pro Advanced Scheduling can help you optimize scheduling for more efficient manufacturing production, strategically use overtime scheduling to meet production goals, and align employee skills with the right production areas.

Workforce Activities
Discover how UKG Pro Activities gives you visibility into real-time workforce data to see actual time spent on specific jobs and work orders so you can better manage labor to production activities. The solution helps manufacturers optimize efficiency, increase employee productivity, and improve operational performance.

Workforce Analytics
Learn how to unleash the power of your manufacturing operational data by transforming it into meaningful business intelligence. Use it to uncover opportunities for improving costs and productivity, identify potential issues for corrective action, and answer critical questions that affect your bottom line. Find out how to use data-driven insights to increase efficiencies and optimize your operations.