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Life-work Technology: Adaptability and a People-Centric Future

Revisit our bonus session from the Fall 2021 HR & Payroll eSymposium.
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Life Work Technology

As we continue to navigate our tumultuous and dynamic workplace realities, our organizations and people have had to rapidly adapt, but our technologies haven’t kept up — until now.

In this webinar replay, take an early look at UKG’s vision for Life-work Technology™. Learn how it helps organizations today and lays the foundation for a people-centric future. 

Cecile Alper-Leroux, GVP, Product and Innovation, UKG, shares:

  • How Life-work Technology is uniquely designed to be people-centric
  • How Life-work Technology increases adaptability by engaging your workforce in new ways
  • Opportunities to introduce Life-work Technology in your organization

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About the Speaker

Cecile Alper-Leroux | GVP Product and Innovation | UKG

Cecile Alper-Leroux is the Group Vice President of Research and Innovation at UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) where she writes and speaks extensively on the changing nature of work, people, and technology in the workplace. Since 1999, she has focused on fostering a culture of innovation in the workplace, resulting in the delivery of advanced, people-centric technology solutions and services.

A best-selling author of From Dissonance to Resonance: Bringing your people and organization into sync, Cecile is a Top 100 HR Tech Influencer and a Great Place to Work® For All™ Leadership Award recipient. She is an internationally sought-out speaker, thought leader, and visionary on HCM trends, hot topics, and global strategies who has been featured in Forbes, HuffPost, HR Magazine, HRD Canada TV, and The Wall Street Journal.   

Passionate about people and technology in the workplace, Cecile has dedicated her life's work to helping companies design the best possible experience for people at work so they can achieve great things. A seasoned economic anthropologist, she loves uncovering micro-cultures within organizations and helping leaders and HR professionals effectively respond to evolving workplace dynamics, trends, and opportunities.

Never one to shirk from a challenge, Cecile has scaled Mt. Kilimanjaro during a record-breaking weather event, hiked the Machu Pichu trail—several times (taking 24 women with her once), and perhaps most challenging of all, picked up and moved her young family to France with nothing more than 6 suitcases and an open mind. Surely, they’d find work and happiness on the other side (spoiler alert: they did).