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The Hidden Cost of Fatigue in Public Safety

Watch this webinar to gain important, firsthand insights into the causes and costs of worker fatigue—and how you can leverage technology to better manage it.

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What are the negative consequences of workplace fatigue in the public safety sector?

Having the right tools in place to reduce the impact of fatigue is critical to workforce well-being.

Moderator Talona Felix, a UKG workforce business consultant, speaks with Betsy Thomas, Director of Human Resources at the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC), and two corrections staff members from the GDC to discuss:

  • How they teamed up to proactively manage worker fatigue 
  • Why quality data is important for the best accuracy
  • How to handle worker pushback over stricter scheduling oversight

When not properly addressed, a fatigued workforce can lead to a rise in unexplained absences, turnover rates, compliance issues, and health and safety concerns.

Watch this informative webinar to gain insights into fatigue in public safety employees and how you can leverage technology to better manage it.