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The Heart of HR: A New Conversation

UKG expert Julie Develin offers a holistic session on the future of HR across many different areas that can improve the lives of your workforce. 

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The Heart of HR: A New Conversation

Compliance, technology, payroll, communication — these topics have one crucial element in common, and it lies at the heart of HR: people. Building alliances, harnessing the latest tech, and changing the status quo are worthwhile endeavors because they can tangibly improve the lives of the human beings that comprise your workforce.

Change can be risky, difficult, and uncomfortable. But the cost of doing nothing has been proven high time and time again, and organizations stuck in the same old conversations have an unprecedented opportunity. It’s time to start driving positive outcomes with the tools employees truly need and the courage to put them into practice.

Join Julie Develin, Senior Partner for HCM Advisory for UKG, for a holistic look at a new conversation focused on making change practical. Discover real-world benchmarks, statistics, and steps that any organization can benefit from.  

  • Discuss how to build meaningful connections across departments to unify efforts toward change
  • Tie technology, compliance, and more back to the people at the heart of HR
  • Explore steps to cultivate positivity and practice self-care alongside change

Enjoy this on-demand session replay from the January 2024 HR & Payroll eSymposium. Note: On-demand session replays are not eligible for obtaining recertification credits.