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Fireside Chat with ESPN: How Bracketology and Corporate Culture Intertwine

ESPN Bracketologist Joe Lunardi and UKG HCM strategy consultant Chas Fields explore the fascinating science of prediction and highlight some surprising similarities with corporate culture.

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What do corporate culture and college basketball bracketology have in common?

UKG is offering an exclusive look at how the pros tackle the art and science of March Madness bracketology, drawing upon a combination of vast quantities of data and intuitive instincts to make predictions about the likeliest outcomes.

Join ESPN Bracketologist Joe Lunardi alongside Chas Fields, Senior Partner for HCM Advisory and Human Insights, as they dive into the origins of bracketology, the many facets that go into a well-researched bracket, and the parallels between tournament predictions and building an effective corporate culture. Discover why both must consider, passion, experience, volatility, and more just as seriously as the numbers.

Watch this webinar replay and discover how the subtle science of bracketology and the work of building a better corporate culture intertwine.