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Executive Briefing on the State of Labor

The Labor Shortage, Supply Constraints, and the War for Talent: Real Ways Manufacturers Can Adapt Now to Compete

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Manufacturers face extraordinary challenges today — an expansive labor shortage, prolonged supply chain constraints, and a job seekers market that is pushing the boundaries of what organizations are able to offer to attract and retain talent.

Effectively managing these complexities requires a deep understanding of what’s driving the labor shortage and the motivations of the workforce when considering new employment opportunities. Finding the right balance in people practices and opportunity within the available labor pool can help alleviate the disruption of production due to supply chain constraints.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What is driving the labor shortage and actionable steps to help recruit and retain in today’s tight labor market
  • Insights from the newly released report by The Workforce Institute and UKG: Is Stability in Sight? Surveying the Future State of Manufacturing
  • How a focus on implementing technology such as automation can drive efficiency in aligning staff with demand