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Coffee Kickstart & Demo: Optimizing a Lean Workforce in Law Enforcement

Gain insights into how to streamline your workforce and achieve maximum optimization—while keeping your people happy and engaged.

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Kickstart your journey toward an optimized and efficient workforce

Law enforcement organizations operate in a dynamic and challenging environment, with unprecedented demands and evolving complexities. As they navigate their way through resource constraints, operational efficiency is paramount.

Moderator Lu Busalacchi, Public Safety Business Consultant at UKG, speaks with Todd Bernard, Police Lieutenant in the City of South Portland, and Meredith Bozarth, Workforce Solution Consultant at UKG, to survey a demo of UKG Telestaff™ Cloud for Law Enforcement and discuss how to keep people engaged and happy by:

  • Effectively managing their fatigue
  • Reimagining fairness in vacation bidding
  • Providing control over work schedules

Explore how UKG Telestaff™ Cloud for Law Enforcement can empower law enforcement organizations to retain their valuable resources, streamline employee scheduling, and schedule for maximum efficiency.

Watch this informative webinar to gather insights into how your organization can leverage technology to better manage and optimize a lean workforce.