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Build an Employee-Centric Culture in Manufacturing

Get a better understanding of the needs of today’s workforce and strategies for nurturing a positive culture that engages your people and helps them thrive.

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Create a positive work environment that puts your people first and makes them want to stay

As a business leader in your manufacturing organization, you need effective strategies to engage your workforce. In this webinar with IndustryWeek, hear from Erika Sandoval, Global Sr. Partner, Human Insights, UKG, about how you can deliver organizational programs and create an employee-centric culture to keep your workforce engaged, increase employee retention, and improve business outcomes.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How employee expectations have changed for the modern-day workforce
  • Critical steps manufacturing leaders need to consider when creating meaningful relationships with their employees
  • How technology can contribute toward employee engagement and satisfaction

This webinar shares valuable insights into what today’s employees expect from employers and how you can lead with culture to better engage and retain your people.