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UKG KnowledgeMap

Tap into UKG KnowledgeMap™ self-paced training and change management tools to help employees optimize UKG Pro Workforce Management™ (formerly known as UKG Dimensions®) to achieve your business goals.


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UKG KnowledgeMap™

Learn how UKG KnowledgeMap role-based training accelerates user adoption and technology confidence, helping you realize maximum value from your UKG Pro Workforce Management investment. Available to all customers through the UKG Community, UKG KnowledgeMap is easy to access and navigate, providing a consistently efficient learning experience.

Want even more individualized training support? UKG KnowledgeMap Live includes instructor-led training that prepares your team members for a smooth deployment through demonstrations and hands-on learning delivered by UKG Certified Instructors.

Download this piece to learn about UKG KnowledgeMap resources that help you foster a culture of continuous learning and help your people become fluent and efficient with UKG Pro Workforce Management.