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Transforming Your Organization with Data

Learn how you can make the data you already have more meaningful through a UKG® Data Driven Value Assessment (DDVA) of your current workforce systems. 

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Employee fatigue, high turnover, and significant job vacancies are rampant in the public sector today, making it harder than ever for organizations to attract and retain top talent. Modernizing your existing workforce technology is a great start — but a workforce data analysis is needed to better understand your issues and to help you build a business case for a new platform.

In this informative brief, you’ll learn about the UKG Data-Driven Value Assessment, a process we use to help organizations identify key areas of opportunity to control costs, increase productivity, and ensure compliance.

In addition, this brief explores the most common workforce data problem areas, how our intelligent UKG Pro Workforce Management™ (formerly known as UKG Dimensions®) platform can help you address them, and how you can create a single, powerful “story” to give your data more meaning — and add value to your organization.

Download this brief to learn more.