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Driving Business Continuity in Manufacturing

COVID-19 has disrupted manufacturing, impacting employees, production, and revenue. Learn three guiding principles for preparing for the future of work in manufacturing and how technology can support a safe, engaged workforce; operational agility; and revenue continuity.

Manufacturers can act now to manage the complexities of business disruption, including developing employee skills to meet shifting production needs, following flexible operational practices, and utilizing metrics to measure and optimize performance.

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Driving Business Continuity in Manufacturing

Based on the experience of UKG™ (Ultimate Kronos Group) in working with our customers, we recommend manufacturers follow three key strategies to prepare for the future of work in manufacturing:

  • Accommodate the new employee experience with people-first practices
  • Engage ongoing operational agility in shift schedules, labor standards, and productivity analysis
  • Increase lasting financial resiliency through creative labor strategies

Download this piece to learn more about these guiding principles and how you can use them to best position your manufacturing operation for the future.