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A Day in the Life with UKG for Banking

UKG for Banking provides HR tools that empower your teams to succeed and retail banking solutions that help deliver a superior branch experience.

UKG for Banking: HR can help improve HR productivity, control costs, and minimize compliance risk with automation that reduces tedious tasks and lets employees focus on what they do best.

A Day in the Life with UKG for Banking

Everyday uses for UKG for Banking: HR include:

  • Processing payroll and reviewing applicants
  • Onboarding
  • Reviewing employee records
  • Requesting and approving time off

UKG for Banking: Retail offers solutions that can save time for managers and account holders and help put the right staff in the right place to deliver exceptional customer service while controlling costs and improving performance.

Everyday uses for UKG for Banking: Retail include:

  • Confirming customer appointments
  • Adjusting the branch employee schedule
  • Prioritizing lobby check-in
  • Increasing employee autonomy

Download this informative piece from UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group) that walks you through a day with UKG for Banking, both on the HR and retail sides, to learn more about how this solution might give your organization a stronger competitive advantage.